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The articles posted in this page deal with the issues mentioned in the “introduction,” as for example: comparative religion; interfaith dialogue; philosophy of religion; philosophy of history; mysticism in its various expressions, including poetry; theology, intended as a study of spiritual phenomena, and thus also of the inner aspects of religion; social and economic development; and human rights. Some of them are unpublished articles, but most of them have been published by various journals, both in Italy and abroad, as specified in each case in the text. …the poet’s perception of things is different from the perception of others. In “the lightning-swift relation between inspiration and vision established [in his mind],” the poet does not feel things in their accidental qualities, as everyone perceives them, but in their essence. And thus the poet tries to describe them, so that she may fix on paper that fleeting “moment of grace” when she almost touched the Eternal. That is why also other people can grasp through the poet’s words a universal beauty… [that] can be described only through images which do not speak only to our senses and reasons, but also and mainly to our hearts.

“Shedding Light in the Hearts: Reflections on Poetry.”

According to this view, human life on earth is a process through which a soul knows her own potential capacities and qualities as a spiritual entity, by actualizing them through the material instrument of her body. It is a journey of the soul through the world of creation, towards the goal of the fullest consciousness of which she is capable in the earthly stage of her existence. It is a very busy journey, rich in new experiences, in continuous transformation.

“Spirituality: the Key to Individual Transformation.”

An old sycamore in the Bahá’í Gardens at Bahjí (‘Akká).

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