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This Web site is about spirituality, i.e., the active expression of human virtues at the service of the ideal of friendship among, and oneness of, the peoples of the world. It is meant to accompany each of its visitors in her efforts towards goals of a more and more advanced spirituality, in her specific field of competence, and towards an increasingly active participation, within her own limits, in the overall development of humankind. It deals with various issues: comparative religion; interfaith dialogue; philosophy of religion; philosophy of history; mysticism in its various expressions, including poetry; theology, intended as a study of spiritual phenomena, and thus also of the inner aspects of religion; friendship among individuals and peoples; social and economic development; and human rights. All the writings and images posted in this site are by the author, unless otherwise specified.     SEARCH IS A JOURNEY
San Giovanni in Persiceto, 1983

Search is a journey
which the yearning
heart would like
to cover in a flash
whereas it’s long
and wearying.

And yet there is no time
there where the goal
knows no time,
a ghost existing
only in the traveller’s
deceptive mind.

And no stop exists
along that journey
which is moved by love,
though sometimes its progress
may seem so slow
as to be felt as standstill–
nay as regression–
by the longing lover.

Bologna, 4 July 2004

…Were not the woof of these
ephemeral existences woven
into the warp of a single tapestry
narrating the perpetual discourse
of life, why should we know
how to articulate sounds
recounting feelings and deeds
so brief as to have no meaning?
Near Amba Derho, between Asmara and Keren.
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